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Chris and Lindy Hill are living out what they believe is their calling and purpose: preparing Christians for the imminent return of our Lord Jesus the Messiah, and encouraging them to live by the Bible and by the sanctifying, enabling power of the Holy Spirit.


They believe that the Bible does not merely contain the Word of God—it is the Word of God!


Chris and Lindy are committed to discipling Christians: preparing them for spiritual battle, but also readying them for the glorious hope that lies in the future. Both are certainties!

The Three Pillars of our Ministry and Impact


  1. International Preaching and Teaching Ministry

  2. CL Publications - sharing the ministry with the world.

  3. Online Preaching, Seminars and Training Courses.


Chris Hill

Chris Hill is a well-known international speaker who has been passionately sharing God's word for nearly sixty years. Renowned for his expansive knowledge of the Scriptures, his teaching is enriched by extensive study of life in Bible times, making his Bible teaching both compelling and fascinating.


Many believe Chris's teaching has a prophetic edge, and the Hill's have a settled conviction that believers need to live in preparation for our Lord Jesus Christ the Messiah, who is soon returning to set up His Kingdom on the earth.


The twin emphases in the preaching of John the Baptist are echoed in the preaching of Chris Hill: “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” and “Prepare the way for the Lord!”


Chris is also one of the UK’s most experienced leaders of Bible tours of Israel.  Together with Lindy, he led over 100 tours, and more than 4000 Christians travelled with them. Chris’s leading of Israel tours was recognised in 2018 when, on his 100th tour, the Israel Ministry of Tourism gave gave him a special award in Jerusalem.


Due to the Covid pandemic restrictions, Chris and Lindy’s ministry has mostly moved online in order to navigate the changing landscape. This has increased the scope of the work and enlarged the impact the work can have, allowing the legacy to be shared worldwide.

Lindy Hill

Lindy has walked the 60 year ministry shoulder-to-shoulder with Chris, sharing the Word of Jesus in her own very personal way.


Known for her heart for people, the warmth that exudes from Lindy is palpable.  She is adored for the warm welcome she gives all visitors to the home—everyone gets the same treatment, whatever their reason for being at the front door!  


Lindy’s particular set of gifts mean she’s perfect for providing the pastoral care in the ministry, and is well respected for her quiet godliness and her work behind the scenes to ensure the ministry is always forging forward.


Overseeing all operations, Lindy runs CL Publications and Productions and her readiness and ability to constantly grow and embrace new technologies

have enabled the ministry to develop online so as to reflect and navigate the changing landscape. 


As a result, CL Ministries is now available worldwide which has increased the scope and impact of the work.


About Us


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